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Workshops for you

Together with local health coaches like yogateacher Jack Farras I arrange workshops and seminars at Kamala Heights for people who want to work with their fysical and mental health (www.kamalaheights.com), Phuket Island, Thailand, during all seasons of the year.

Develop your Body and Mind with Physical Yoga and Mental Training!

For those of you who want to invest in your health and future in a warm, tropical climate and inspiring atmosphere Jack Farras and I arrange workshops in Physical Yoga and Mental training. You work with yourself in a group of 12 people for five intensive days (Monday-Friday) from early morning til evening.

Next Workshops

will be held 16/10—22/10-16
and then also 5/3—11/3-17.



As you know, more and more people now realize that if you want to be or become fit and to stay fit physically as well as mentally, there is maby no more effective way to do that than to practice Physical Yoga. Combined with Mental Training it gives you a positive mental attitude to yourself and to life. By practising these you build up a strength that enables you to master the toughest challenges.

However, to feel motivated to work hard enough to reach your goals, it can help you to do this in a climate that makes your body and mind soft and flexible. Imagine yourself standing on a top terrace facing the Indian Ocean at sunrise or sunset along with 11 other enthusiastic participants and a knowledgeable and experienced leader.

Timeline and Setup:

The workshop runs from monday to friday. However you’re welcome to check in from sunday,the day before it starts and to stay til the day after, that is saturday.

You work with yourself in a group of 12 people including yourself.

You’re welcome to check in Sunday from 12 a.m.

The rest of the day you can just relax and feel the atmosphere.

In the evening at 19 o’clock, we have a welcome and information session at the pool bar.

The workshop then starts Monday morning at 07.30.

After completing the workshop Friday afternoon you are welcome to stay, relax and enjoy yourself until the check out on Saturday at 12:00.

Daily Program Monday-Friday:

7.30 am – 9 am Physical Yoga at sunrise

9 am – 10 am Breakfast

10 am – 12 am Mental Training

12 am – 1 pm Lunch

1 pm – 2 pm Mental Training

2 pm – 4.30 pm Afternoon break

4.30 pm – 6 pm Physical Yoga

6 pm – 7 pm Dinner

7 pm – 8 pm Lecture about food and nutrition

8 pm ——– Free time


We have seven double bedrooms at Kamala Heights. We have more single and double bedrooms at apartment hotels close to Kamala Heights. You choose whether you want to have a single or a double room. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at Kamala Heights.

Free time:

After lunch you are free to go down to the beach if you like, and in the evenings you can go down to the village to enjoy yourself.

Kamala Heights has its own minibus with choffeur, for up to 14 passengers, that can take you where you want.
We also have motorbikes in the garage that you’re welcome to rent from us during your stay. It takes you about five minutes to reach the village and the beach.


40.000 Thai bath including all meals and accommodation in double room. For single room you need to pay another 10.000 Thai bath.


You will find a form to fill out for registration by clicking here:
mentaltraining-yoga@mindmanphuket.com. You are registered as soon as you have paid 50 percent of the fee to Mind Management Phuket’s account. Remaining fee is paid at least one week before start.

This workshop is open for everybody. However it can also be arranged on request.

Flights to and from Phuket international airport:

are not included in the price. As I’m sure you allready know Phuket island has its own interantional airport with many daily flights from and to nearby cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and KL .