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In step 1 of our three step program you will be guided into hypnosis, i.e. wellbeing, through an induction that is tailored for you. Selected parts of this are recorded on a CD that you can take home and practice on your own. After listening to it, preferably every day, you will return to us in about two weeks. We check what you have learnt and what is left for you to learn. We then make a new more advanced induction based on the previous one. Using that you will continue going deeper into the sense of wellbeing you feel during hypnosis and use this to change the behaviours you wish to change.We also record parts of this induction that you can use for training at home. We keep on like that until you reach the goal of the goals you want to achieve.

To summarize, we combine the hypnosis you learn with us with the self-hypnosis you practice on your own between the times you visit us, using the cd´s you bring home which are tailored for you.

In this way you will gradually reach deeper into yourself and an increased co-operation is established between your outer and inner part, i.e. between your so-called conscious and unconscious mind. You can now give your inner part positive messages using suggestions and so-called mental imagery that will be more and more firmly rooted here. The latter means that you create mental images, preferably using as many senses as possible, of how you would like to feel and act now and in the future. They will then serve as a kind of guiding principles for your orientation in life.

The self-hypnosis techniques you learn with us to help you solve your urgent problems you can then, if necessary, use in other contexts in order to better cope with different situations that may arise.

At the same time you improve your mental abilities such as
• concentration
• relaxation
• thought control
• willpower

Self-hypnosis, also referred to as mental training, has mostly been known through sport. Most sportswomen and -men practise systematic and regular self-hypnosis in order to achieve better results. However, all people can benefit from self-hypnosis/mental training. It helps you feel and function better in general, i.e. in all situations and contexts. It can help you handle different kinds of demanding situations, both private and professional. You might need to learn to cope constructively with a critical situation in your private life or you may face the task at your workplace of giving a lecture to a large crowd of people or leading or finishing a project under time pressure.