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Online Talks

If you are far away from Phuket, Stockholm or Oslo, maybe  on a trip, but want or need to work with yourself to feel and function better?

Then I can work with you on distance via internet (Skype, Whats, IMO or whatever you prefer). We can then look and listen to each other and in that way communicate and work together in a good way.

If we have met in person, f ex in our clinic in Phuket, Stockholm or Oslo, before we start to work together via internet or  that’s an advantage. But it’s not necessary.

After we’ve talked on internet I can then send you sound files via email with instructions and induction to your personal mental training. Since these sound files are made especially for you, and the needs you have at that moment in time, they are much more efficient than standardiszed ones.

If you look under the heading WEBSHOP you find standardized recordings that you can order. If for some reason it’s not possible for you to attend any training sessions or hypnotherapy with me these these can be an alternative.