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Mind Management Asia

You can develop your creativity and your ability make the most of your own inner resources. We can help you to reprogram your mind, i.e. change your thinking habits and get rid of unnecessary and sometimes painful thoughts. Getting rid of such time and energy consuming thoughts you can learn to handle and control the remaining thoughts in new and more constructive ways. Working with yourself in the way you do when you choose us as coaches, you learn to increase and mobilize your mental and physical abilities in ways that enable you to overcome obstacles, small or big, that you might experience standing in your way.

We have a professional background as registered psychologist(s) of Health Boards in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. Our competence is built on many years of experience of working with people with different backgrounds and problems and of developing methods for that purpose.

At the same time you learn new ways of relating to your feelings and your physical body.

Our way of working is based on modern Western techniques within the field of Clinical Hypnosis, Mental Training and Life Coaching, combined with certain aspects of Eastern philosophies. Our methods are tailored to individual aims and needs.