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Development talk


  • Provide tips and tools for developing the call.
  • Provide models to analyze what happens in the conversation.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Identify the critical points around the development conversation.
  • Provide a method to make your organization a
    learning organization in terms of career development and counseling skills.

Tips and Tools


At this training, I will leave substantial room for pure conversation methodology which I dare say is the part that participants often feel the greatest need around. But I will also emphasize the development of the call real design and provide tips and tools for this. In addition to the tips and advice that is possible to go through in a day, provides additional tips and advice in the 80-page compendium included. Would throughout this compendium gone through five days would be needed. It is written in paragraph form and is very accessible. Next little as Haiku poems, where it is more between the lines than in lines. It gives the most is their own reflection on the text – What does this mean for me? – More than the pure through reading. The compendium was usually much appreciated.


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Passed on in the course, mainly through the compendium, model to analyze what happens in a call.
If I ask an ordinary manager about how a call is gone, you can often get answers like: Good. /Poor. She /he said so and so. In other words, the descriptions rather poor.
Models are needed to bone up on what is going on in the conversation.
Models are needed to see the choices I make.
Models are needed to make clear what it is that’s important.
Models are needed to grasp the call. It is enough that you speak to a person a couple of three minutes, there are many balls in the air and many aspects to consider. Simplification is necessary to keep the time of the call.

The models conveyed are earthy – no abstract constructs.

Self Awareness


One of the factors that influence the talks the most is conversations conductor self-knowledge. That he /she is aware of what signals she sends to others and aware of how they react to others’ signals. Self-awareness is crucial because in the call is above all a human leader and not a function or department. This part is about how to concretely react in different discussion situations, and you get feedback on your self.
This part of the course is adapted to the amount of training that the students already in the area and the relationship they have with each other.

Critical Issues surrounding the development dialogue


The quality of development discussions depends increasingly on the organization than the individual session leader. Therefore, we go the course through a number of critical points around the development conversation. This part concludes with a survey of eighteen check questions, to clarify how it looks in the organization around these critical points. Based on the outcome, it may be time to take stock of some organizational factors may need to be adjusted, such as policy development discussions.

Under this item includes ensure knowledge Development of the call content, concrete structure and purpose. It is not always granted that this knowledge is even in organizations where development discussion around a long time. But this knowledge is well established toned this operation down.

Learning organization around the development conversation


The organization is in all probability very much knowledge of the talks /discussions. Say that the organization has fifty heads and that the average work for 10 years as managers. Then they have a total of 500 years of experience to hold talks. This knowledge is too precious for it to be allowed to stay in the individual manager’s head. The program includes therefore a moment to make your company a Learning organization for development discussion and dialogue methodology . It is about systematically documenting and communicating the organization’s collective knowledge. Here, SFIC method, Systematic Facilitation of Internal Compentence, to relaunch a process and a lasting effect of the training. This part of the course also intends to strengthen dialogue and relations in business in general. Not only in terms of the development discussion.

The training will be intense and occurs largely in the form of dialogue, combined with lectures and exercises. The training is based on the long experience of the area.