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Cohero is a game that is designed to teach teams to work better together. It is all about cooperation
opportunities and challenges and the conditions for a group to solve problems with a higher degree of complexity than
individuals can handle.

During the game, the focus shifts from the task group must solve together, and reflections on, and
understanding of the group and the individuals who play the game. In addition to this a fun and accessible way to work
with learning and
Development of a group is also created opportunities to spread processes more effectively within and between
organizations. After a person has received training based Cohero can with the help of the support material itself lead
the process for other individuals and groups.

Game Digital Event Card will help to create a gaming and education experience beyond the ordinary and
opportunities to play Cohero against various developmental and learning outcomes. The basic model includes a series of different
case scenarios with the various challenges of the group learning and reflection. It is also possible to
customize specific scenarios that reflect more organization-specific challenges.
Cohero creating opportunities for disseminating important psychological knowledge throughout the organization. Understanding of themselves and
another in various group contexts deepens and widens at each session and creates the conditions for team
and the organization’s collective intelligence to flourish.


Cohero want to be part of building the future company where knowledge of what drives and motivates people and how we
together reach success becomes crucial.

The future business


In the future, with global and complex markets in which consumers with variegated desires and requirements for quality
acting to change conditions for all businesses. Understanding how humans function, what drives and motivates us, how we
take decisions and how we cooperate effectively is crucial to success. When both the earth’s natural resources as qualified
labor proves to be limited resources and everything is changing at breakneck speed becomes our human brain is the main raw material.

It requires a new leadership which we make all employees’ inherent resources and let each one take control of their
own work situation. Independent and committed employees who take responsibility and initiative are crucial for
the future of organizations.

Real and lasting change

In the future, too rapid changes everyday in many areas. Product development often go
Lightning fast and companies must quickly adapt to new expectations from consumers who exchange experiences and
opinions on the internet.

Companies and organizations will need to change fundamentally and in less time than ever. Changes and
development of companies and organizations based on change in people’s behavior.
Deeper change requires that we let go of the old, that no longer brings us forward. It raises the resistance.
To develop means to release something old to get something new. We humans often accept change as long as we
believe that we ourselves do not have to change ourselves. Everything begins and ends with ourselves.

With self-awareness and control of the current situation, we can make clear what we want to achieve. We can set clear goals and clarify what
required of us to succeed. Then we can take the necessary decisions, to break the pattern where we are stuck and have the perseverance
required for continued development
Coheros tools based on the latest research on how people actually work, what drives and
motivates us, how our needs govern us and how we need to use our various strengths to succeed together.