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Mental training

So when we experience that we don’t get any further by talking I recommend that we move on and start working with COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING. By help of this we can then, as I said before, together build your ego strength also on a deeper more unconscious level.

After some time of practice, you then feel mentally strong enough to:
1/ achieve what you want to achieve
2/  process non processed material in your unconscious if there is a need for this.

The word COGNITIVE means that you use your thoughts as your tool to strengthen and develop your ego, your mind, or your brains software if you wish.

The building stones of your ego/mind/software are you thoughts, feelings and your inner images. Together with your physical body they are not you but your tools. not you but also your tool. Your ego/your mind/your brains software is also a tool.

You’re using  your physical body and your senses to move and to experience the world inside and outside this body.

By help of your thoughts, feelings and inne images  you develop mentally skills such as concentration, relaxation and sustainability etc.

By practicing mental training you among other things learn to stay concentrated over longer and longer time on what you (or your unconscious mind) think is the most important thing or subject to be concentrated on at that moment in time., to be able to function and feel as goog as is possible.

At the same time you develop your ability to relax and put aside all the material your unconscious think is unnecessary at the moment. By doing so you learn to save your energy and therefore you don’t get tired as you did before.

Your thoughts are your tools

So you are not your thoughts, but the one who with help of them maneuver the physical body and the other tools. With help of them you maneuver or influence what is happening in and outside the body.

When you consider this you realize that you have a lot of power by being able to control your thoughts and your thinking.
But it’s important that we learn to separate what we call control over your thoughts and so called self-control. Control over your thoughts is good to have but self-control is bad and in reality impossible to have.

Sometimes we use expressions like – it’s important to have self-control. But some expressions are misleading since they build on lack of knowledge about what it’s really about. You can’t control yourself but you can control your thoughts. That’s also what you really want to do.

Program your brain with your thoughts

By help of your thoughts you can program your brain, just like you do when you push the bottoms on your keyboard on your computer to program it. Most probably the people who developed the computer had the brain as their role model.

However as you know it’s not all thoughts that you produce and generate that are constructive. Some of them are, as you experience yourself, negatively charged. Since they are they can create negative feelings like fear and anxiety, that according to your inner parts are considered unnecessary.

Negative thoughts, that you can think about yourself , about others, life etc are, according to your inner parts, always unnecessary.

We at Psykologgruppen Norden have developed techniques by help of which you can get rid of your negative and other unnecessary thoughts, feelings etc. When I say they are unnecessary it means that you don’t need them to function and feel good. Only those that are necessary for you to be able to do so will remain after you, with our help, have installed the software filter you get from us that clean your brain from all unnecessary material.

Make your thoughts into your friends

We help you to take control over your thoughts and to lead yourself by help of them towards the goals you’ve set up.

When you understand more about how you can use your thoughts your ability to communicate, with yourself and others, is also improved. In that way you can prevent and solve conflicts that can appear in your relation with yourself, your family, your friends and working colleges. In that way you also prevent unnecessary negative stress.