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When I meet you for the first time, I start by talking to you about:

– the positive behaviours you want to improve or
– the negative behaviours you want to get rid of.

My approach is from start what you can call COGNITIVE.

How you feel and function, and the results you experience that you get in life,
is to a big extent dependent on:

• what you think

But even more on:

• the way you relate to your thoughts.

The last sentence I assume you dont understand at once. Therefore I will explain what I mean.
We all know how important is is to think positive. However its even more important that you do NOT think negative about yourself, others, life etc.
It’s not necessary to think positive to fell and function well. But it’s necessary NOT to think negative.

You learn to get rid of negative thoughts by learing to relate to your thoughts in new ways. We help you do that in different ways. Like by using methods that make you more aware of the thoughts that come to you automaitcally. These are the thoughts that you have been thinking before, some of them many times.

psykolog, terapi, hypnos

Most of them are helping you to function and feel well, but other (negative and other unnecessary thoughts) make it more difficult for you to do so.

You can easily identify negative thoughts in that they are always exagerating. If you say to yourself that you’re not capable of doing anything, Im sure you agree that this is not true. Everybody is good at some things.

To think negative is not the same as thinking critical. To think critical is good, if you can do that without thinking negative.

Im sure it also happends that you get really angry on another person. Hopefully not as a bad habit but as a natural reaction because someone has done someting you think is bad to someone you care about a lot. Then this is not a product of negative thinking either.

As your awareness of the negative thoughts coming to you automatically increases, you learn to get rid of them. In this way you create free space for the new, positive ones to come into life. This not only change your way of thinking and relating to your thoughts, but also other behaviours that you might need to change in order to solve the problems you experience that you have.

In addition, you improve your ability to communicate with yourself and others. That way you can prevent and resolve conflicts that may arise in your relationship to yourself, to your family and to your friends and work colleagues. You then also avoid unnecessary negative stress.