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If you want to continue with hypnosis I recommend you to continue to strengthen your mind by practising mental training on your own between our sessions. Then the hypnosis will work better when we meet.

If your problems did not arise too long ago and if they are not too profound and complex it may suffice with a combination of mental training and hypnosis. If it turns out that this is not enough, you need to proceed with hypnotherapy.

Additional hypnotherapy may be considered when your problems have lasted a longer time. In that case they probably have roots reaching down to a deeper level. It may be more or less traumatic experiences that you have had to wholly or partly repress, i.e. store in your inner part (your so-called subconscious) inaccessible in an ordinary waking state. Nevertheless, they cause various symptoms and have a negative impact on your daily life.

When you, by means of cognitive therapy, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, have gained sufficient strength to be able to confront experiences not fully processed, they spontaneously come to the surface and become accessible also to your outer so-called conscious part.

When in hypnotherapy you work through more or less traumatic experiences, the process consists of two different parts:

• Your not fully processed and repressed experiences are reconstructed piece by piece.
• Then they are reprogrammed.

Reprogramming following reconstruction means that situations earlier experienced as threatening and frightening or in other ways unsatisfactory will now be manageable, as they now appear in a new and more positive context and you have, not least, become stronger by what you learned from the cognitive therapy and the hypnosis and self-hypnosis. In addition, you will hopefully have good support from the therapist you have at your side. In order to process successfully, you inevitably need someone by your side who through his personality and his knowledge and experience in the field can give you the guidance, support and the confidence you need to cope with this. When you feel that you are getting this you experience more control over what happens. At the same time, your confidence in your own ability to influence increases. You get a more positive attitude towards yourself.

Even if you do not go to hypnotherapy it may happen that you enter hypnotic states in which reconstruction of not fully processed experiences occurs spontaneously, but in a more uncontrolled manner. Therefore, it is desirable that you turn to a hypnosis expert psychologist or physician, who can help you through the hypnotherapeutic phase. It is too demanding for you to direct the process you have to go through while you need to learn how to cope with the more or less demanding experiences you come in contact with in a new, rational and more constructive manner.

Working with yourself with the method we have developed you reconstruct at a pace you can handle and to the extent necessary for working through your experiences completely.

Our way of working is based on modern Western techniques within the field of Clinical Hypnosis, Mental Training and Life Coaching, combined with certain aspects of Eastern philosophies. Our methods are tailored to individual aims and needs.

Working through the hypnotherapeutic phase can radically change your behaviour patterns and, as a result, you will feel much better and function in more constructive ways.