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Cognitive Methods

During the more than 20 years Ive been working as a clinical Psychologist I have, step by step, developed my own COGNITIVELY ORIENTED METHODS. Many of these are inspired by the admittedly effective methods developed by MD Milton Erickson (1902-1980), known as the father of modern hypnosis.

When Erickson helped a person to solve her problems he always started from that persons greatest strengths. Then he helped her to build on them until she with her increased ability so to speak outgrew the problem piece by piece in a safe and secure manner.

We all have strengths to build on. They represent a potential for development for every one of us and for the groups we are part of that we often do not fully understand and, therefore, do not fully exploit. We just have to find them and to know how to develop them further. Our task is to help your company, your organization and yourself to do that.

The same basic approach characterizes our practice whether we work with the company or organization you work for or with you individually. Successful changes are always based on the people who help to implement them.