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Online Talks

After we’ve met for one or more consultations in my clinic at KAMALA HEIGHTS we can then continue with ON LINE TALKS when it, for some reason, isn’t possible for us to meet in person.

You only need to register an address on f eks Skype. Then we can communicate verbally as well as visually.

In addition I can also coach you by SOUNDFILES, that I send you by email, with mental training, specially made for you and the stage you are in, in your process of learning. Good if you listen to this every day if possible til we have our next live or on line talk. In this way I can continue to coach you on distance if necessary.

If you dont have the possibility to meet me in person at first it’s possible for me to coach you on line directly, even if not ideal. After you have filled out the registration form (under CONTACT US) I will then give you a call.

In our online conversation I will start by giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself and present the problems you need to get solved or if you have things in your behaviour you want to improve.

I will then inform you more in detail about my way of working and how I think I can help you reach your goals. You will of course also have the opportunity to ask questions you have on your mind.