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ACT – To manage stress and promote health” gives you as a participant approach to manage the stress that is inevitable when we live our daily lives. Education group in your organization.

ACT is a pioneering evidence-based approach to stress based on CBT. The course is offered four times, each course is three hours (total 12 hours). The content is a mix of theory and experiential elements.

From the content
● How we can relate to the inevitable stress of daily life.
● What happens in the body when we are stressed?
● How the caveman reacts.
● How do we accelerate our own stress.
● Presence instead of stress and to discover for yourself the stress.
● How language stressing us.
● Strategies for stress.
● Why avoidance strategies fail.
● What I want with my life.
● To be in my body.
● To get past obstacles.
● Taking steps toward my life goals.
● Short-term safety trap.
● To relate to internal struggles.


This model is a Swedish reworking of “ACT at work” with good results after research in England and Sweden. Those who completed the course have reduced work-related stress and increased their overall mental health. (Bond & amp; Bunce, 2000; Bond & amp; Bunce 2003). American Social Board, with its high demands, has recently approved the ACT as an evidence-based approach to stress.

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We in Psychology Group Norden has twenty years of experience working with stress management. Working with stress management group by ACT, (also called third wave CBT) is a very powerful tool we have for the past five years, to help managers and employees to develop tools to better manage internal and external stress. At the same time, you learn to be more present in the moment and to live vital.
Here wrote a very stressed and doktorerad colleagues at the Karolinska Institute in an SMS in May 2014 being already after the third course session; “I’m training hard with mindfulness, thinking about life compass and sleep better. The course has been really great for me.”