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Cognitive approaches

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Within the areas COGNITIVE MENTAL TRAINING and HYPNOTHERAPY I’ve developed my own COGNITIVE ORIENTAL METHODS. Several of these are built on effective methods developed by MD Milton Erickson (1902-1980), known as the father of modern hypnosis.

When Erickson helped someone to develop or solve a problem he always started by helping the person develop his or her already strong and well functioning abilities and behaviors. Only after that he helped the person develop his or her less developed ones. By doing so he helped the person to overcome his or her problems.

We all have abilities and behaviors that it’s good that we develop. further. Each and one of us as individuals, and the groups we are a part of, have a potential to grow that we often not realize and therefore do not fully utilize. Therefore it’s important to identify these potentials and to know how to develop them. My job is to help you as an individual, or the group that you are a part of, to do so.

I use the same COGNITIVE APPROACH when I work with you as an individual as I do when I, together with my colleges, work with you as a part of a group. Successful changes are always built on utilizing the potentials of the human beings working together to reach their goals.